Just In !!! Law firm sues Ramaphosa, Eskom for R1m

A law firm, De Beers Attorneys, is reportedly seeking to take Eskom to court over the losses incurred by businesses and individuals as a a result of the power outages.

The law firm argues that Eskom behave negligently and bears responsibility for the losses caused by load-shedding.

Eskom has been taken to court over similar claims in the past, but courts have generally been reluctant to hold the power utility liable.

It was reported that the firm sues R1m  against Ramaphosa and Eskom.

This comes in the wake of the latest round of heavy load-shedding, which was only recently suspended. The 10-day run of stage four load-shedding was the most intensive in the South Africa’s history, Briefly.co.za learned.

Eskom claims that load-shedding was suspended after power-plant performance improved, and energy imports from Mozambique improved again following the damage done by Cyclone Idai, according to BusinessTech.

In addition, there have been claims that some in Eskom have opposed Cyril Ramaphosa’s proposed reforms, and are even sabotaging the power utility.


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