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Kind hearted Nurse uses her pension fund to open clinics for the sick


Many citizens have already showered accolades on the uncommon and quitessential nurse and care giver, Olivia Pharo.


Pharo who was a former public hospital nurse, has injected money from her pension fund to bring relief to the people of Atlantis by opening her own primary healthcare facility to reduce the service pressure of her former workplace.

Olivia Pharo, 49, who worked at the Wesfleur Hospital for most of her nursing career, last month launched Sister Pharo’s Clinic, a low-cost health facility. She has already seen over 700 patients walk through her doors.”It is my goal to offer a one-stop service that speaks to the needs of the whole community from Atlantis and its surrounding areas. We offer consultation to the sick, child healthcare, women’s health, minor trauma, occupational health services and also have a dial-a-nurse for frail care patients,” she explained.She has lived in Atlantis since the age of nine, but considers herself “soil from this soil”.

Pharo, a mother of two, spent 24 of her 29 years in nursing at Wesfleur Hospital and credits it as making her the medical practitioner she is today.

“In line with the Department of Health’s 2030 Healthcare Plan, it is difficult to adhere to the act due to injuries and casualties caused by gang-related violence taking preference over other casualties, ailments and medical incidents.

My intention was thus to also bring some relief to Wesfleur Hospital’s service pressure,” she said.

She resigned from her position as assistant manager at Wesfleur because she “no longer wanted to work under those conditions” and knew she was ready to deliver a better service of her own without any constraints.

“With the burden of disease affected by crime and diabetes, it was difficult to promote healthcare with a more effective curative and preventative approach. I opened my own facility.

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