KZN church leader says ban on public gathering is an ‘attack on Christians’


The South African Zionist Churches on Friday described government’s decision to ban gatherings of more than 100 people as the oppression of Christians.

The religious organisation is going ahead with its Easter service next month despite governments calls for social distancing.

Government has been at pains to convince religious leaders to hold prayer services without congregating.

Many have heeded the call, but Bishop Bheki Ngcobo from the Zionist Church said staying away from church was not an option to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

According to me, we were supposed to go out in numbers and pray to God. I don’t feel that we should be dictated to as to how we should pray,” Ngcobo said.

He said government’s move to ban gatherings of over 100 people was an attack on Christians.

“The Bible keeps on telling us that there will be a time when Christians will be oppressed,” he said.

Ngcobo said staying away from church would be tantamount to submitting to the devil.

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