Land expropriation will usher in economic catastrophe and depression

The international community is wary of the land expropriation move by the ruling ANC.

Several groups have decried that the imminent land expropriation policy of the ANC will bring about untoward catastrophe to the South African already depressing economy.

AgriSA highlighted the recently released list of land expropriated targets in the Northern Cape and warned that the ANC would bring about an “economic catastrophe” if it planned to expropriate farms that were an essential part of the South African economy.

Also worrisome is the high rate of farm murders in the country,  AgriSA is now  asking the US government to intervene to help prevent land grabs in the country.

Not convinced by the land expropriation process, a powerful  US delegation – including deputy secretary of state John J. Sullivan, and the US deputy ambassador to South Africa Jessye Lapenn – met with AgriSA, Grain SA, and ANC officials on Friday (15 March) to discuss how the land expropriation process may impact property rights in the country.

These efforts are geared towards protecting the economy for all, by avoiding unnecessary economic disruption.


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