Lekota rushes to hospital to help injured 94-year-old granny, after her two-day wait for ambulance

According to the official facebook report: A 94yr lady fell at home and broke her hip this week, they called for an ambulance for two days to no avail. Her daughter called me to help and also had no joy. I then called Mr Lakota who immediatly came to her home and made calls. He spoke to the 94yr lady they cried together and he promised her he would sort it. After 10 min a ambulance arrived and took her to hospital and Mr Lakota stayed with her untill she was sorted. Mrs Roux had a bad break and lung infection and is gng for hip operation on wednesday. The pain that this lady had to go through was shocking. Mr Lakota kept his promise and showed such grace..the family thanks you for ur love and support…u are truely an awesome person.

A Cape Town elderly  who broke her hip and waited two days for an ambulance was delighted when Cope MP Mosiuoa Lekota, who sought medical attention for her, put his parliamentary duties on hold so that he could wish her well ahead of surgery.

On Tuesday night, Lekota popped in to visit his new friend Jeanette Roux at Tygerberg Hospital, where she is expected to undergo the operation over a week after she fell from her bed.

Roux, 94, waited two days for an ambulance to arrive after the serious injury occurred in her Goodwood home, early last Monday.

Roux’s daughter contacted family friend Debbie Els, after repeated calls to emergency services for an ambulance proved fruitless.

Els has known Lekota for many years. She is the provincial leader of the Africa Redemption Democracy party and met him during his tenure as defence minister.

“Within minutes of calling him, Mr Lekota was here,” Els said.

“He visited with her and later stood outside the house waiting for the ambulance, which took her to Tygerberg Hospital. He was wonderful.”

Lekota told the press that  he was horrified when he heard that the elderly woman had been in pain for two days without medical attention.

His home at Acacia Park Parliamentary Village was not far away. He didn’t know the area too well and asked a friend to help him find Roux’s home.

“When I saw her, she was lying in bed. I could see she was really advanced in years. I knew I had to get an ambulance so that she could get out of the house and into a hospital,” he said.

“I called a comrade and told him the situation. He asked me to let him make a few calls.”

While they waited, he and Roux had a conversation about the government and how to build a good and caring society.

“She said she couldn’t believe that a minister had come to see her. In her mind, I was still a minister,” Lekota joked.

“At one point she had tears in her eyes. She was surprised that I had come to help her. But that is what we’re supposed to do. We are the servants of the people.”

‘Necessary intervention’

The two paramedics who arrived shortly thereafter were “diligent and dedicated”, Lekota said.

Roux was loaded into the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

He gave the family his number and asked them to keep him informed about her condition.

Lekota had been out of the city for a few days and returned on Tuesday for the debate on the State of the Nation Address.

“I stayed for a while but left when I heard she would be operated on [on Wednesday],” he said.

“Her family said she would like to see me and I was quite worried about her. When I arrived, she looked so different to when I first saw her. She was relaxed and almost jumped out of bed. I think for a moment she forgot she was injured.”

Els took to Facebook and posted about what happened, praising Lekota for his intervention. It garnered 9 000 likes and was shared more than 5 500 times.

Lekota said he was surprised to hear that Els’s post on Facebook had gone viral.

“I didn’t think it was such a big thing. It was a necessary intervention.”


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