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Lekota stuns parliament of how Ramaphosa sold him and other comrades out to cops during the struggle, to gain his freedom

Lekota stuns parliament of how Ramaphosa sold him out to cops during the struggle, to gain his personal freedom

Parliament heard the unknown after the ice was broken, to the disbelieve of MPs.

COPE Mosiuoa Lekota. The Cope leader has made a stunning revelation in the National Assembly on Wednesday, accusing Cyril Ramaphosa of selling out his comrades during the struggle.

Lekota told the house that, while he and Cyril were imprisoned during the 1970s, the man who would be president struck a deal with apartheid forces. He allegedly ratted out his colleagues for putting “communist ideas” in his head, and in exchange for that information, Cyril was rewarded with less time in jail:



“When it was difficult, you wrote to the special branch saying that we put communist ideas in your head. In doing so, you condemned us to the special branch! I say this to you, because the special branch rewarded you as they always rewarded their victims and sent you home.”

The man of the moment,  “Terror” most definitely stole the show, and even drew a standing ovation from the EFF across the chambers. Julius Malema rose on a point of order to thank Lekota for his contribution and asked if Mosiuoa could use the red berets’ remaining eight minutes to speak.

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