Loyal dog refuses to leave cancer-stricken owner

Dogs have variously been called man’s best friends.

When Ben met Denali for the first time, it was love at first sight.

Ben, a photographer and sufferer from Oregon, had just broken up with his girlfirend and his life had taken a new turn.

He decided to leave everything behind and take Denali with him on a trip. Then they lived a nomadic life in Oregon’s wilderness.

The duo’s journey had soon covered the whole west coast. From deserts to beaches, the inseperable duo covered them all. It was a life full of adventure and joy.

But life would soon take a terrible turn.

Ben and Denali lived out in the wild, side by side, for a long time. They slept in a caravan and took each day as it came.

It was a care-free life full of joy.

But nothing lasts forever.

In June 2004 Ben was diagnosed with cancer. Denali was by his side the whole time – the doctors even let him sleep in the same room as Ben. During operations and treatment, Denali was always close to his owner and his healing power played a big role in Ben’s recovery.

Ben eventually made a full recovery.

The friends got to spend another 10 wonderful years together. They travelled and made many incredible discoveries. They lived life to the full.

It was as though the dog knew exactly what his owner wanted – he held out for one more month.

Exactly one month after Denali’s diagnosis, at midnight, he started coughing terribly. Ben and Denali played on the beach together the day after. But the next morning Denali gave his owner an undeniable look – it was time to go. Ben made the tough decision that most pet owners have to go through. He put his friend to sleep.

Denali was 14 years old.

The film, recorded from Denali’s point of view, is a beautiful tribute to man’s best friend and it’s hard to keep the tears from falling. What a loyal dog!


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