Malema and EFF supporters publicly attacks female journalist

There are grave concerns concerning the unprovoked attacks directed at female journalist by Malema and EFF supporters.

According to the victim:

“One of the consequences of Mr Malema’s election to single me out is that every time he publicly attacks me, my Twitter account is flooded with abusive and threatening tweets from his supporters.

“I’ve been called a witch, a ct, a snake, an achaar-eating bitch and a street girl, was told to ‘go hang’ and have been accused of being a racist. I have also been told I should be ‘fked in the arse to be taught a lesson’,” Munusamy said.

On the evening of November 23, Tiso Blackstar political journalist Ranjeni Munusamy was at a Johannesburg store when three men she did not know started “mocking” her as she was shopping.

When she walked out of the shop, the trio was waiting for her.

“As I passed them they hissed at me and shouted my name,” Munusamy said of the distressing incident.

This happened in the weeks after EFF leader Julius Malema singled her out for criticism, and accused her – during a live media briefing and in front of EFF supporters protesting outside the state capture inquiry hearings – of being part of an “Indian cabal”, being a “politician” and protecting minister Pravin Gordhan and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s political interests.


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