Malema blast doomsayers: ‘No one will kill the EFF’

There are divergent views that the EFF must desist from violence or it will not last in the political space.

Hence, the radical leader of the Second largest of opposition party has deflected all such negative predictions.

“No one will kill the EFF, this EFF is going to govern.”

These are the words coming from party leader Julius Malema who took a swipe at its critiques saying the red beret movement was here to stay.

Malema addressed hundreds of EFF supporters during the celebrations of the party’s sixth anniversary in Kanyamazane Stadium, Mpumalanga.

The red beret leader also took the opportunity to warn president Cyril Ramaphosa that if he still wished to stay in office he should listen to the concerns of many South Africans about the various issues and challenges they face.

“The EFF has not said as yet that ‘Ramaphosa must go’. We have not said that and I’m not saying that today. But I’m saying to him: listen to the loud whispering otherwise you will follow your predecessor and go and look after cattle in Venda,” he charged.


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