Malema blows hot air, See what he said about the DA

Malema was speaking at the EFF stand at the Rand Easter Show in Johannesburg on Tuesday, when he referred to the accusations leveled at the EFF by the DA with regards to the VBS Banks controversy.

“I don’t imagine myself sitting with [DA leader Mmusi Maimane] again on the same table after he said we stole the money of VBS, even when there is no such evidence of stealing money,” Times Live reports Malema as saying.

“He just went on a rampage against us. After insulting us like that, they expect to come and call us to sit and share a government … I don’t think it will work. We are giving the DA power in Tshwane and Johannesburg. They are biting the hand that is feeding them and expect that hand to continue feeding them. It’s unscientific; it won’t work.”

However, Malema indicated that the EFF will parley with the leading ANC.

“We will go to discussions with the ANC,” he added.

“The ANC has not been hostile to us. The ANC has not been engaged in violent activities against us. We will listen to them and if they don’t make sense, we will show them the door.”


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