Malema blunders over Gordhan’s daughter


Julius Malema, made it pretty clear that he has never held Gordhan in high regard.

But the pair of Malema and Shivambu  erroneously misled the people about what Gordhan’s daughter’s name really is. Well, hence research  found that her name is Anisha Gordhan.

He even went as far as accusing the minister of being racist and claiming that government employees who work under Gordhan feel inferior under his rule.

Fresh accusations from the EFF came on Tuesday, outside of where the hearing was held. Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, together with his Commander-in-Chief, Malema, were present.

According to the EFF, Gordhan’s daughter has been the beneficiary of tenders that were allegedly delibrately put  her way by her father.

She, according to the opposition, has eight companies, all of which have been funded by the government in some capacity.

Of course, these allegations have yet to be tested for any truth in them. However, unusual incident is the fact that the EFF has presented three different names in referring to Gordhan’s daughter.


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