Malema breaks silence over the resignation of ‘Big brother’ Maimane

The tumultuous resignation in the DA has instigated reactions from different quarters, especially from the EFF Julius Malema.

At the moment, Maimane may be going through a rough time after stepping down as DA leader and resigning from the party, but he has found apparent support in the form of EFF leader Julius Malema.

After Maimane tweeted on Thursday that he had resigned from the DA and as an MP, Malema reached out to him.

He told Maimane: “I’m not home, but when I come back we should have lenakana la monna wa mosepidi [a chat over whisky]. You are a good human being, don’t be discouraged, my big brother.”

Twitter users welcomed Malema’s words, with some jokingly suggesting that outgoing City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba also be invited to join.

This is not the first time that Malema appears to have reached out to Maimane.

In a statement on Thursday, the EFF expressed disappointment in the resignation of Maimane.

“As the EFF we worked with him well to unseat the irreparably corrupt ANC following the outcomes of the 2016 Local Government Elections. As leader of a white dominated DA, we could hold his hand in protests that required all of us to put the country above ideological differences. This is also because of his tenacity and absolute willingness to hear and work out different perspectives,” said spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

He said Maimane’s resignation must go down in history as a fundamental failure of non-racialism and democratic tolerance in the Democratic Alliance.

“Maimane almost always faced an impossible task in leading the DA to transcend its white dominated nature.”

The EFF went on to commend the former leader for exposing the DA as a party that cannot be an alternative to the ruling ANC.

“Whatever the future holds for Mmusi Maimane, we wish him well. As a liberal social democrat, he now knows that colonial racism requires a much more radical political platform. It is not about the ideological frame one holds, it is the simple fact that whites actually fundamentally refuse black leadership.

“It is impossible to imagine that had it been a white leader at their helm, they would have reached the types of analytic conclusions they did on Maimane. Moreover, that many would have sought his immediate disposal as a leader in the way they did.”


Ndlozi said the EFF’s message to Maimane is to be strong and not lose courage.

“The sun will shine on a non-racial, equal and just society one day; but that day will be brought by black propel who will build a human world for all races.”

The DA’s Steinhoff saga

At the end of last month, Maimane faced reports that he had driven a car bought by Steinhoff’s Markus Jooste and declared a R4m Claremont home as his own.

He took to Twitter at the time to call it a smear campaign against him with individuals spreading lies about him and his family.

While it was not clear whether it was tongue-in-cheek or not, Malema tweeted Maimane the same day to say: “Go tla loka bafanas [It will be okay] @MmusiMaimane, hope you enjoyed church today.”

In 2014, Malema promised to “protect” Maimane from the governing party, saying it was their responsibility to fight for black people, according to IOL.


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