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Malema goes berserk, says Whites stole the land and formulated laws to protect the Theft

Radical leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema has expressed disappointment that the country was still applying colonial laws to prosecute people.

According to him, looking back on the timeline on how they stole and formulated laws to protect ownership of the property stolen from us, some of these laws are still in place and we are being taken to court to explain why its unlawful to keep land in white hands only when all they did was kill and grab then later formulated a way of legitimizing their theft.

The struggle has always been about land, because  without land our people remain visitors In their own country, even world war 1 and 2 were about LAND, because through land comes the economy and power coupled with dignity.

Our forefathers did not fight the apartheid system sacrifising their lives for a right to vote.


We will never surrender the land.

We will take it through any means necessary.



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