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Malema insist that all oil & gas assets in SA, must be taken away from foreign companies

Following the new oil and gas discovery by Total, The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema has issued a statement  for the  state to nationalise oil and gas discoveries, including the recent find by Total.

Malema maintained at the State of the Nation Address debate that the country should be benefiting from their resources, not foreign entities.

The state should nationalise oil and gas discoveries, such as the recent deep-water oil and gas find off of the coast of Mossel Bay by French company Total, said Julius Malema.

Addressing Parliament during the State of the Nation Address debate, the Economic Freedom Fighter leader commented on the discovery, dubbed by the president as a ‘game changer’.

Malema claimed  that the president had neglected to divulge that 90% of the oil and gas discovery would benefit foreign companies:

“If you (Ramaphosa) continue with indecisiveness of natural resources, the oil and gas will be a curse to our nation like it is in other African countries”

The EFF leader demanded that the nations asset should remain just that, explaining:

“We demand all oil and gas discoveries must be nationalised. Oil and gas must be declared a national asset.”

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