Malema may now face prosecution, all thanks to Afriforum

The storm is coming really hard for leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema.

Following the ongoing spat, Malema must rank AfriForum up there with his biggest adversaries. Both he and the Afrikaaner-rights group are no strangers to the courtroom – in fact, that’s where they see each other most often, and it has put the EFF dramatically out of pocket.

However, Juju would choose a different word for the people running the organisation that have won five consecutive legal cases against him. And he certainly wouldn’t agree with the way we’ve scaled AfriForum.

Taking to Twitter (where else?) on Wednesday, Malema launched into a tirade against the group. He expressed his delight that “the boers were not happy with him”, prompting a response from AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets. The two had a bit of a back-and-forth, but it was the final blows that proved to be the most entertaining:

However, those “small boys” may be about to cause the EFF leader a huge headache. AfriForum have since confirmed that they will approach the courts with a mandamus application, in order to force the National Prosecuting Authority into taking action against the firebrand politician.

A “mandamus” is a court-ordered directive which compels another body to take action over a certain matter. They make reference to three cases they have opened against Julius Malema in the past 15 months, but the subsequent investigations have somewhat stalled:

  • On-Point Engineering: The Limpopo-based company were implicated in a fraudulent tender scheme, directly benefiting Juju.
  • Police officer assault: AfriForum are looking into charges opened in April 2018, where a cop claimed he was struck by Malema.
  • Firing shots at a rally: Julius Malema also has a case to answer for, after he shot an AK47 into the air at an EFF event.

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