Malema pleads with voters that his presidency shall be violence free

The opposition EFF has a bad reputation for violence, which seem to have affected its public image and dislike by  intellectual voters.

Julius Malema has assured the voting population in South Africa that his presidency will be violence free.

There will be no borders when the EFF is in government’

This is the promise the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema is making to South Africans.

Speaking to Eusebius McKaiser, Malema says decolonisation of education and other things must include the borders.

South Africa has had a history of xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals.

Malema warns that if foreign nationals are chased out of the country, tribalism will arise.

“When you are done controlling the borders and removing the so-called foreigners in South Africa, You are going to start fighting a tribal war.

— Julius Malema, Leader – EFF

The jobs will still not be there; the woman that you wanted will still not agree to you because you are scared to propose and blame it on other people.


We don’t believe in borders, they are artificial.


Some people have characterised the EFF as a violent party. Malema says the society is furious and sometimes that anger shows up.

However, Malema promises that if they become the ruling party, there will be no violence from their government.



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