Malema says Human Rights day must be renamed

Controversial leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema called for a change during his  Human Rights Day commemoration speech at Dlomo Dam in Sharpeville, Vereeniging, on Thursday.

While addressing scores of people , Malema spoke about the history of black people in Sharpeville.

Malema called for the renaming of Human Rights day to homour those that were massacred.

“Today is not a human rights day, today is Sharpeville Day. Today is the day we are fighting for the rights of black people. We must not make any apology about that. This nonsense of non-racialism in defence of white privilege, we are not part of that nonsense.”

“Every person who killed and presided over the genocide of black people is celebrated. There are streets named after them, they have statues.”

“Today is the day for the rights of black people, that is what we’re fighting for. What human rights? They always had rights. We never had rights. We are here to fight for the rights of black people and therefore, Sharpeville Day means the rights of black people. We must call it by its rightful name. It’s a Sharpeville Day.”

“Today is the day of PAC. Let us not rewrite history and say other things. Today is the day of PAC. Today is the day that was led by PAC.”


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