Malema says Ramaphosa was ‘promoted’ to president after ‘killing’ black people

Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter EFF Julius Malema has dropped another explosive comment  against the number citizen of the country.

In the video, Malema is speaking at a rally and brings up the Marikana massacre which saw 17 striking miners killed by police at two separate locations, placing the blame squarely at the feet of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Cyril Ramaphosa is an enemy of our people. Why? Cyril Ramaphosa presided over the killing of 34 innocent mineworkers in Marikana. He was never charged, he was never arrested,” Malema said.

Ramaphosa’s role in what happened at Marikana was strongly criticised by the Farlam commission of inquiry into the massacre.

He was a non-executive director at Lonmin’s platinum mines at the time of the protracted strike which led to the massacre and wrote a series of emails in which he called for stronger action to bring it to an end.

After becoming president, Ramaphosa said he would make things right following accusations that he was partly responsible for the massacre.

“I am determined to play whatever role I can, and in this I am guided by the wishes of the community,” he said in his reply questions, following his maiden state of the nation address.

Malema then advanced the theory that not only did Ramaphosa’s role in Marikana not hurt his rise to the president but even may have helped in making him a “hero” to “enemies of black people”.

“After killing 34 people, he was promoted to deputy president and now president. Why? Because when you kill black people you are a hero of enemies of black people because to them the life of a black person doesn’t matter.

“That’s why [they kill you] like you are nothing. [They kill you because] you’ve stolen a sunflower, [they kill you because] they’ve mistaken you for a monkey. [They kill you because] they’ve mistaken you for a pig”.

“No one gets arrested, no one gets demoted. Why? Because you have killed a lifeless body,” he continued.




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