Malema tells white Journalists ‘sick’ Pauli van Wyk: ‘Go to hell satan’.

In an extraordinarily angry tweet on Saturday night, EFF leader Julius Malema hit out at investigative journalist Pauli van Wyk after she shared an editorial from the Mail & Guardian that was critical of him.

She wrote that Malema “has to take responsibility for violence meted out to journalists. He is stoking the flames of a campaign against journalists whose work he disputes … and ultimately endanger[s] the lives of journalists.

Malema responded: “You are sick, go to hell satan.”

Malema was taken on by many followers, some of whom said he was being immature.

He responded cheekily: “You think I care.”

When another person said one shouldn’t speak “to a woman like that”, he answered, “I just did, so what?”


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