Malema to fire more top EFF leaders who did not campaign during the elections

EFF leader Julius Malema is deeply enraged and disappointed with the performance of his party during the just concluded national and provincial elections.

Malema believes that his party would have performed better if all the leaders campaigned from their heart.

Consequently, Malema has warned his party members who did not campaign during the elections that they will be dealt with.

Although the EFF showed significant growth nationally and in the majority of provinces, the red berets leader said the party would replace incompetent councillors and party leaders who didn’t toe the party line heading into the elections.

“You have to invest in the organisation, because there is a general laziness and incapacity to think outside the box. People become wheelbarrows when they are deployed. If you leave them there, you will find them where you left them. There is nothing that happens through a miracle.”

EFF support grew nationally to 10.79% from 6.35% in 2014. They will now occupy 44 seats in the National Assembly.

The party secured about 1.8-million votes, up from 1.169,259 in 2014.

Out of the 48 parties on the national ballot paper, the EFF, Freedom Front Plus and IFP saw the most growth overall.


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