Malema vows to do everything to unite Africa by eliminating borders

EFF Julius Malema has assured African neighbours that his party will advocate for the ultimate integration of the African continent, through the erosion and eventual elimination of unnecessary borders in South Africa.

“Borders will not be there when the EFF is in government,” he said.

“If we speak decolonisation of education and other things, that must include the borders,” he continued.

The EFF leader said he believes foreigners are scapegoated by frustrated South Africans.

“The truth is when we are done fighting the foreigners, there will be a tribal war. There still will not be jobs, you still won’t get that woman you want because you will still be afraid to propose,” he said.

Malema’s explanation of the EFF’s policy on foreigners puts him at odds with the other two major South African parties, the governing African National Congress (ANC) and the biggest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA).


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