Malema warns that the EFF will never vote with the DA forever

Julius Malema has taken a definitive stand about voting the DA in the future.

At an Economic Freedom Fighters press conference on Tuesday, the party’s leader, Julius Malema, was asked about his views on reports that the DA-led government in Cape Town would start fining the homeless for by-law infringements such as obstructing pavements and making fires.

As if preempting criticism from those who would point out that the EFF had voted with the DA in the past in major metros, Malema indicated that the EFF would no longer do so moving forwards.

“We are no longer voting for the DA in all municipalities of South Africa,” he said.

This doesn’t mean that the ruling party can count on the red berets’ votes, though.

“We will also not vote with the ANC,” Malema continued.

Malema says his party will participate in the debate at municipal council sittings and make contributions and recommendations, but will “abstain from all votes”.

“We are not shocked about the DA statement on the homeless,” Malema said.

“The majority are black people and the DA have never had the interests of black people at heart”.

Malema continued that he isn’t worried about the City of Cape Town’s statements regarding fining of the homeless as, in his view, they are not enforceable.

“Even if you fine them, they can’t afford to pay,” he said, adding that the homeless generally don’t have property or other assets that could be confiscated in the event of nonpayment.

“It’s an extremely stupid statement to make,” he continued.

“But it is telling you how they feel about black people”.


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