Malema “You don’t belong here, you make us ashame” Man blasts Malema.

Julius Malema the EFF leader  has been on the forefront of causing mayhem in the country. To this end, a notable South African has this for him.

You don’t belong here, Mr Malema. South Africans are proud of our country – you make us ashame, Robin Binckes.

You are a con, Mr Malema, and the tragedy is that there are people who fall for your vile and populace drivel. You use words designed to inflame such as “fight”, “white”, “dog”, “bastard” and “war”.

You talk of war, Mr Malema. Have you ever seen war? War means twisted bodies, death in the streets, necklacing, children killed, families split apart, poverty, bloodshed, homes lost and heartbreak for all.

There are no winners in war. War is not the bullying you and your blind followers perpetrate. You talk of war as if it is a game of soccer. You have never seen a war, Mr Malema. If you had, you wouldn’t be so fond of the idea.


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