Man allegedly robbed by men in police uniform and police SUV

An alarming robbery case has been reported to the police.

According to the report, the robbers  dressed in full police uniforms  robbed a man in Johannesburg.

The victim shared that he was robbed by the armed suspects, who were wearing police uniform at the time, at the corner of Malibongwe Drive and Witkoppen Road in North Riding.

According to the victim, the apparent police officers stopped him and handcuffed him. Once handcuffed they robbed him of his wallet and cash and thereafter let him go. The distraught victim then went to Fairland Police Station to report the incident.

Fairland Police Station Commander Lieutenant Colonel Clive de Freitas stated that the incident did indeed take place. He said,

“He was stopped at the traffic light. A black SUV pulled up behind him. He was approached by three armed males in what looked to be police uniform and robbed of R650 cash.”

He added that further investigations need to be done prior to them confirming or denying whether or not the suspects had official police uniform.

De Freitas confirmed that the incident was reported at the station. He said, “A case docket was opened and the Fairland Victim Support Unit did a debriefing with the victim following the incident.”

He added that due to the incident taking place in North Riding the matter would be handled and investigated by Douglasdale Police Station.

The victim stated that the SUV had police lights on it but he was unable to recall the cars registration or the names/name tags of the alleged officers.


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