Male and female looters smiling gleefully as they leave with items looted from shops belonging to foreigners (photo)

Many hide behind the word xenophobia to loot, maim and kill.

Disturbing photos from the  recent attacks in Gauteng gives credence to the assertion.

Many are of the opinion  that  it is not about xenophobia but just a means for people to loot things belonging to foreigners.

A concerned resident narrated: “If you are saying they sell drugs why then are you attacking those people with shops instead of going to the street where drug dealers sell  their products”.

Another respondent also said they plan these attacks in order to loot peoples shop, why cant they just carry out their so called attacks and leave peoples products alone.  Tell us in the comment section what you think.

Already,  Bafana Bafana’s friendly match against Zambia has been called off.

The two teams were due to play each other in Lusaka on Saturday but the Zambia FA decided against hosting South Africa while foreigners are still being targeted in the country.

The game will now be played in the next international window in October.

The cancellation will delay Molefi Ntseki’s Bafana head coach debut.  What else will this crisis block us from achieving. President Ramaphosa has already released a statement.

The bitter animosity between Africa’s two superpowers – Nigeria and South Africa – has heightened in recent weeks, with an influential Nigerian student body demanding that all South African-owned businesses leave the West African state.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (Nans) – which represents university students at campuses across the country – has picketed branches of South African telecoms giant MTN, and those of supermarket chain Shoprite, turning away staff and customers.

Those protests were sparked by the death of a Nigerian woman who was reportedly strangled in her hotel room during a visit to the South African city of Johannesburg.

Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu is just the latest Nigerian to die in South Africa in apparently violent circumstances.

‘Killings must stop’

An autopsy revealed she had died of “unnatural causes consistent with strangulation” but officials say CCTV footage showed that nobody entered her room. Police are still investigating.

The Nigerian media seem to report at least one such incident every month, with numerous news outlets using the same telling headline: “Another Nigerian killed in South Africa.”

While local media reports suggest that 800,000 Nigerians live in South Africa, official South African records say the number is about 30,000. It is not clear if the official data includes undocumented migrants.

“We have faced enough… These killings must stop,” said Ahmed Lawan, the head of Nigeria’s legislature.

“The South African government must as a matter of urgency do whatever it takes to protect the lives and property of Nigerians living there.”

But it is unclear whether the South African government is committed to protecting Nigerians or other migrants.

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Police arrested more than 650 foreign nationals – including traders who had their goods seized – in Johannesburg earlier this month. A court ordered that 489 of them be deported within 30 days, because they were not legally in South Africa.

About four million immigrants live in South Africa according to official UN data, althoughsome contest the accuracy of this figure .

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South Africa has a history of xenophobic attacks by black people who accuse citizens of other African countries, as well as Asian countries, of coming to steal their jobs.


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