Man beats crying 7-month-old baby with a garden hoe: claims baby was ‘possessed by demons’

A barbaric incident has occurred, after a man unleashed mayhem on a little innocent child.

The police has taken up the chilling attack for investigation.

According to the account, a seven-month-old baby was bludgeoned to death with a garden hoe by the boyfriend of a neighbour who was looking after her.

The 49-year-old man who attacked baby Mbalenhle Ngwenya later told police that he had killed her after she cried endlessly because she was “possessed by demons”.

The incident occurred in Duduza, Ekurhuleni, on Sunday minutes after the man’s girlfriend had walked out of the room, leaving him with the baby, as she went to the kitchen to get a container to give the infant juice.

When she returned she found the baby she had left on the couch bleeding on the floor with a gash in the head.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Harry Manaka said when the woman walked back into the room her boyfriend was in possession of the garden hoe.

“The baby was motionless. She sustained an open wound to the head and injuries to the body,” Manaka said.

Manaka said when the man was arrested he told officers he had killed the baby while she was crying because she was “possessed by demons”.


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