Man stabs 3 gun and panga wielding robbers

Three armed robbers Wielding gun and pants met their match after a man who was traveling with his family, unable to face the imminent assault the The criminals confronted them and stabbed them repeatedly.

According to report, cops refused to stop and save the endangered family except a taxi driver.

man from George has saved his family by stabbing armed robbers with a screwdriver after they were attacked on the notorious R300 highway.

Robin-Lee Burgess, 29, was travelling with his family in Cape Town for the funeral of Burgess’ 90-year-old grandmother on Saturday.

Robin-Lee tells the Narrated his fear of how he was forced to stop along the dangerous stretch of road after having car trouble.

The robbers had a gun and tpangas.

Robin-Lee says he didn’t think about his own life when he saw his mother and brother being attacked.

“The one with the gun who had been pointing it at my dad was busy knocking the firearm and I realised it was jammed. I saw the two with the pangas pulling my mother and my 11-year-old brother out of the car and I jumped out of my car with the screwdriver and began running towards them.

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According to the man’s  account:

“I watched how he was trying to chop her hands with the panga. I got hold of him and started stabbing him about five times, even in the neck. I wasn’t worried about being shot, I would do anything to protect my family.”

He says the gang fled on foot, with the other two dragging the injured suspect away.

He says they got away with his dad’s cellphone and wallet.

What made matters worse, he says, was that cops allegedly refused to stop and help them.

The family stood in the middle of the road and the cop car didn’t stop, but an Uber driver came to assist Them.

He says the Uber passenger used the safety app Namola to contact police.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, confirms the incident and says no arrests have been made yet.

She said claims that cops did not stop to assist the family would also be investigated


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