Marrying The Ghost of White Privilege


Marrying The Ghost of White Privilege

Well, at least MMusi Maimane has his Black Privilege intact. He is married to a White woman, is president of a “predominantly White” political party, resides in a White suburb and speaks English (a White man’s property).

Yet ‘we must fight and destroy this evil, evasive Ghost of White Privilege because it is the primary cause of Poverty, Unemployment, Crime, Looting and the general Despair that has infected all South Africans since 1994’.

‘It is also due to White Privilege that millions of Africans leave their “Independent” countries, where they are killed and kept poor but their own Black governments’. Despite these countries no longer having White people around, since the darker days of their (country’s) Independence. As we saw in Zimbabwe.

O! The Marvellous Beauty of Black Rule in Africa! Blacks get power and become more Oppressive than the Whites they relentlessly brand as Racists, Colonialists Oppressors.

It is always those who speak the most fluent English who hate Whites, Coloureds and Indians the most. Yet their entire beings are measured, designed and sustained by “Whiteness” and “White” money.

Maybe Musi should chase his own wife back to Europe, as well as renounce his DA presidency because he was and is still supported by White people. His entire salary is paid for by Whites.

He must also stop wearing shiny suits designed in Europe by Whites, relinquish his degrees (since they were handed to him by Whites), and start wearing animal skin – The Black Thing To Do In Africa!

Finally, he must also get the Land and plough the fields in Soweto with his degrees. Since that’s the dream job for most educated Blacks – owning farmland.

If Blacks have been in power for 24 years and yet, White Privilege is the main impediment to their progress, then – What have we been doing all these years in Power?

Oh yeah! NOTHING! Besides Looting and Impoverishing Blacks.


Shut your big mouth and lead our Country forward – you weak, fragile loudmouth pretending to be strong. We see through you!

You are just another weak Black manchild with deep identity issues like your heroe Barack Obama or your homeboy Trevor Noah.

While maintaining yourself as yet another Race Pimp, pimping racism and race identity politics to sound “real” to your already useless, clueless, shallow and dismally delusional “Black Caucus”.

Hence one day you are pro what is Good (when Black Twitter is not slaughtering you) and at times you prove to be just as bad (if not flacid) as UGLI-JAM (USED GREASY LOLLIPOP HEAD-JULIUS MALEMA) and his blesser, Syrupy Cyril.

You have proven to be utterly useless at bringing our Nation together (which was your most formidable obligation, over and above your ambitions to a “mini Mandela”. You are more like a Leaking Umbrella, you bring the cold rain that many run away from thinking they found some “refuge” or “hope” under your leadership (your Umbrella).

Hence no one really knows you, or where you really stand. Unless you are echoing someone elses opinion, whom you persobally regard as more powerful or will maximise your base. But a base that is based on a baseless leader is bound to be a permanently baseless base!).

I just wish strong Black leaders like Herman Mashaba could rise and usurp you. You are just another Dingane, pretending to be a Shaka!


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All Rights Reserved.


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