Mashaba makes stunning return as Joburg mayor


In an unexpected fashion, former Johannesburg mayor  Herman Mashaba has announced that he’s ready to return as mayor as soon 2021 if South Africans want him to.

Mashaba said if those who want him back in the position shared the same values as him, a political movement will be a formed next year to contest the next local government elections.

The former mayor launched the People’s Dialogue – a platform which he said was to engage with South Africans about challenges facing the country.

Mashaba resigned from the Democratic Alliance (DA) in October, saying he couldn’t reconcile himself with a party that did not think race mattered when talking about the disadvantaged.

When Mashaba and and former DA leader Mmusi Maimane started the People’s Dialogue, many knew it was a prelude to a political party.

Mashaba said that he would compile a report following conversations with ordinary South Africans.

He said that if he was given the mandate to return to public service, he was ready to do so.

“If people are saying to me ‘Herman, we’d really like you to take over the running of the city or country but we don’t want the private sector involved,’ I’m not interested because I think that some of these things are not negotiable.”

The former mayor said that his priorities had not changed.

“People are saying we want the rule of law, we want the people of the world to come to South Africa but we want immigration that is controlled as per our Constitution. These are things that I’m happy to oblige and keep on serving my country.”

Mashaba said that a new political movement could be formed as early as June next year.


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