Mashaba says people must not force him into a marriage with Maimane


Herman Mashaba and Mmusi Maimane have confirmed that they are going their separate ways.

In a joint statement released on Thursday, the pair confirmed that they would not be starting a political party as a duo and that they would be starting two separate movements.

There were murmurs that Maimane and Mashaba would establish a political party following their resignations from the DA shortly after Helen Zille was elected federal council chairperson.The pair has apparently disagreed on the type of movement that should be started, with Mashaba wanting to immediately contest the upcoming local government elections while Maimane wants to establish a broader movement that he says should go beyond just politics.

Mashaba established The People’s Dialogue last month while Maimane has now started the Movement for One South Africa.

“Both initiatives have the common goal of fixing our country and building a South Africa that works for all its people,” the joint statement read.

“Importantly, we do not see these as competing initiatives, but rather complementary ones. While Herman is focused on building a political party that can contest local government elections in 2021, Mmusi is dedicated to the objective of building a national movement that can unite forces to fix our country.”

The pair said that they do not see their movements clashing on ideas as they are both focused on fixing South Africa.

“We would like to emphasise that we have the deepest respect for one another and continue support each other’s respective, independent efforts to deliver real, transformational change in South Africa.

“Ultimately, the objective of fixing South Africa only be achieved through the collective efforts of all those who stand opposed to corruption and stand for the vision of a South Africa that works for all its people,” they said.


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