Mashaba uncovers corruption of over R24 billion


Mayor Herman Mashaba has uncovered billions in corruption and brought in investment up from R4 billion to R16 billion!

Now the ANC wants to remove him through another Motion of No Confidence so they can get back to eating the people’s money!

Since Mayor Mashaba launched the Anti-Corruption Unit over two years ago, to uncover corrupt activities inherited from the ANC-led City of Johannesburg’s old office, 5 335 cases have been investigated, involving more than R24 billion in transactions!

The Mayor is fighting to bring total change by cutting corruption and delivering better services.

Since he took over, Mayor Mashaba’s team has, among many other things:

  • Helped get investment up from 5 billion to R16.355 billion!
  • Seen the City reach its healthiest financial position ever.
  • Created over 44 030 EPWP job opportunities.
  • Delivered over 6 659 title deeds to residents, giving them ownership of a home they can pass on to their children.
  • Seen investment in the electrification of informal settlements triple.
  • Hired and trained 1 500 more Metro Police officers to keep communities safe.
  • Seen a 20% reduction in traffic signal downtime relating to technical faults.
  • Extended the operating hours of 22 clinics so residents can be more flexible and miss less work.

Courtesy: Sign our petition to save Mayor Mashaba and keep him in office.


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