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Mbeki condemns ruling party’s ‘divisive’ land approach: ‘The ANC is being led by EFF’ ANC has abandoned its historical values on non-racialism by framing the debate black versus white

In the wake of the heated land debate in the country, a former president Thabo Mbeki has weighed in on the land question, saying the ANC has abandoned its historical values on non-racialism through its framing of the debate as one of black versus white.

According to the Business Day  30-page paper leaked from the Mbeki Foundation was an internal working paper at Mbeki Foundation and was not intended for public consumption.

The paper says communication from the ANC around the land question indicates that the ANC is no longer “a representative of the people of SA”. It argues that while the land question is an imperative that should be addressed, it has to be done while simultaneously responding to the “national question”, which is to unite South Africans across race and class divides.

The posture of some leaders in the ANC, the paper says, mirrors more the position of the EFF than that of the governing party, which is long established through its history and its former leaders, as well as in the Freedom Charter.

The current position expressed by some leaders of the ANC on land expropriation without compensation shows that they have “accepted” to be led by the EFF on the matter.

The EFF position is a “vulgar and gross misrepresentation of the historic position of the ANC” on the national question, the paper says.

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