Metro police confiscate hundreds of bottles of alcohol at Durban beachfront

The alarming rate of alcohol related accident has led to an emergency effort by the police.

Hundreds of litres of confiscated alcohol have been poured out in police operations on the Durban beachfront since the start of the festive season.

Durban metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad said beachgoers found drinking in public were ordered to destroy their alcohol in front of a police officer, or authorities would do it for them.

“If the alcohol is still sealed, members of the public are allowed to give it to the police for safekeeping until they return from the beach,” he said.

Despite routine searches and heavy police presence at the revamped beachfront and popular Blue Lagoon area, some holidaymakers managed to sneak alcohol past authorities.

“This is why we have police officers patrolling on foot and they are not hesitating to act when people break the law. There are clear signs that state that drinking in public is not allowed,” Sewpersad said.

He said the police’s tough stance against drinking in public had been praised by members of the public.

“We have had many compliments from members of the public, particularly those that visit the Blue Lagoon area. They have said that this year was the first in a long time that they were able to have a family picnic without any problems.”

Sewpersad warned that the tough stance would continue throughout the festive season.


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