Miracle goes bizzare as pastor strips female members

Church pastors are apparently taking advantage of gullible members all in the name of performing miracles.

Below are photos of a Ghanaian pastor whose mode of performing deliverance on women is quite questionable. He drew attention when a picture of him placing his palm very close to a lady’s private during deliverance went viral.

As if that was not enough, another picture surfaced showing him taking off a lady’s pant in the name of deliverance. The pastor called the lady in front of the congregation and revealed to her that some evil spirits that have been dealing with her hence her failure to secure a husband.

Since the photo of the pastor removing the pantie surfaced online, social media users have launched series of attacks on the pastor with many describing his actions as demonic.

Well, below are more shocking photos of the pastor delivering in a similar manner.

One is  forced to believe this whole thing isn’t true. But when a man says he is a pastor, has a Facebook page where they report his ‘church’ activities and we see photos to prove it, then I don’t know what to say.

In another situation, South African  Pastor Penuel of End time ministries in South Africa, who recently fed his members with live snakes, have also asked them, mostly women, to pull off their bras, pants, including their underwears and eat them. He even rode on the men like donkeys. Speechless.

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Snake pastor continue to plague his members with unimaginable practices, similar exercises take place in some religious centres across the country.

Some vulnerable members of a radical church in South Africa called ‘End Times Disciples Ministries’ have raised alarm after the church pastor fed them with dog meat and snake to heal them of their infirmities such as HIV/AIDS, CANCERS, diabetes and other terminal diseases.

The snake Pastor Penuel Mnguni was recorded administering his congregants what he claims to be dog meat and blood, video footage showed on the End Times Disciples Ministries .


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