Mngxitama says he will lead SA with integrity like Mandela, if he is voted as president

BLF leader has urged voters to cue behind the party to enable it give South Africa a sense of direction.

According to the promising activist turned politician, if he becomes the president he will lead with integrity like Mandela.

The BLF believes that without land there is no freedom or dignity. It says it wants land first because it is the basis of freedom, identity, spiritual well-being, economic development and culture. The party believes the land of Africans was stolen, and that this theft has rendered them landless in their own land. The party says it wants all the land with all of its endowments on its surface, together with all the fortunes underground.
 Mngxitama has been known as a controversial figure with his views on a variety of issues, especially regarding race. Mngxitama was a member of the EFF when the party was formed in 2013. He was later expelled from the party in 2015 and formed the BLF.
BLF was formed in 2016. It was formed to focus on land. It states that its focus on issues affecting black people. The party has fallen opposite of the country’s news cycle often making the news for outlandish and racist comments made by its leader and some its members. When it announced that it would contest elections it was received with mixed reactions with some political parties threatening to object to its inclusion in the ballot.

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