Morgan Tsvangirai’s daughter dies

A sad news has just been announced in Zimbabwe.

Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java the daughter of the late MDC leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has died.

Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java died from injuries sustained in a car crash in Kwekwe last month.She was elected MDC women’s assembly secretary in absentia last month while she recovered from her injuries from the accident.  Java who was driving the car, was involved in a head on collision.

She is the third person to die as a result of the accident.

Tsvangirai was the MDC candidate in the controversial 2002 presidential elections losing to Mugabe. He later contested the first round of the 2008 presidential election as the MDC-T candidate, taking 47.8% of the vote according to official results, placing him ahead of Mugabe, who received 43.2%. Tsvangirai claimed to have won a majority and said that the results could have been altered in the month between the election and the reporting of official results.

Tsvangirai initially planned to run in the second round against Mugabe, but withdrew shortly before it was held, arguing that the election would not be free and fair due to widespread violence and intimidation by government supporters that led to the deaths of 200 people.

He sustained non-life-threatening injuries in a car crash on 6 March 2009 when heading towards his rural home in Buhera. His first wife, Susan Tsvangirai, was killed in the head-on collision.

As the 2017 Zimbabwean coup d’étatoccurred, Tsvangirai asked Mugabe to step down.

He hoped that an all-inclusive stakeholders’ meeting to chart the country’s future and an internationally supervised process for the forthcoming elections would create a process that would take the country towards a legitimate regime.

On 14 February 2018, Tsvangirai died at the age of 65 after reportedly suffering from colorectal cancer


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