Most powerful SA Sangoma reveals who will be president in 2019

As the race to the number one seat in the land as well as the most important job in the country, gathers momentum, a very powerful Sangoma, adjudged the most efficient by his colleagues and fellow practitioners  have come out  publicly to disclose who will occupy the Union Building in few months time.

Renowned for his previous powerful and ground breaking predictions, which manifested in the past, the revered Seer hinted that the tide will be different in 2019, and urged his followers and other interested persons to save the date of the epoch-making revelation.

Known for his modest lifestyle, despite helping some prominent persons with his gift, the Seer, maintained that his sacred gift is not compatible with financial compensation. That if he ever takes money for his work, its potency will be lost forever.

While some political pundits  and analyst are of the traditional view that the ruling party might still clinch victory, the Sangoma’s  forecast stoutly rejected  that presumption.

While addressing a large crowd of anxious listeners in Ekurhuleni,  the infamous Sangoma vowed that there is going to be a major disruption in the upcoming election and that many electorates will be shocked as the status quo will not be maintained.

He noted that he already has the name of the next president, but will reveal it to the media a day to the election to avoid visitations by desperate politicians and unpleasant situation, as well as  political apathy.

He reassured the electorates that there is going to be a new dawn in the country’s political land scape as his infallible  deity has spoken in clear and absolute terms.


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