Most whites in SA are already dead, they have just not started to smell yet, by Des Van Der Merwe


Most of the whites in South Africa are already dead, they have just not started to smell yet. There is however the smell of cowardice faintly wafting through the air.

The persistent denial of reality and false belief that everything is just hunky dory held by those in the suburbs will result in them being the victims, and sadly their families including children will pay the ultimate price.

If you could visit a shebeen or beer hall and could understand the African languages spoken out loud you would run for safety. You will often hear the words Uhuru, Mulungu and bulala. For those that dont yet want to know the people speaking these words have every intention of doing what they believe is what is needed in South Africa. That is to rid the country of the white man, the lucky ones will be killed, the unlucky women and girls enslaved. Even African radio stations talk shows are filled with open hate for the white man. The general consensus is that the whole agenda is state sanctioned. When is the only question.

These are not the cute middle class black family that moved in down the street, these are the hundreds of thousands of residents in the poorer townships and squatters camps. The comrades and cadres of the mindless unemployed. They have been told over the beer pots that its cool to discriminate against the Mulungu, its ok to kill, its fine to steal and rape, its the white mans fault that they are poor, its the whites fault that they are landless, unemployed, uneducated and hungry.

25 years of Marxist rule under the terrorist ANC is not the reason for poverty, failed service delivery or any of their woes. Its White Monopoly Capital, Apartheid, Jan Van Riebieck, Verwoerd, the AWB or even Casper the friendly ghost. The phrases One settler, one bullet or kill the boers is spoken openly without fear of retribution. There will be none as it is encouraged by the leaders of their political parties. Political correctness only applies to the despised whites.

Whenever you venture out of your fortress home, you might notice the blatant aggression in the stares, the constant threat of being robbed or worse is ever present.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, your life is nothing to them, right now a barbarian is being haled as a hero by his friends. He bravely shot and killed two unarmed young innocent whites whose mistake was to run out of petrol on the highway with one of the worst squatter camps not 50 meters away.

This is but one of the many warning bells sounding around the country. Pay heed and prepare. Grow a backbone mulungu before its to late.

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