Mother and boy friend who threw baby into boiling water in court

The heartless parents who brutally kid baby will appear in court today for a verdict.

Court witnesses allude to the fact that the mother is yet to show any bit of remorse for the barbaric act.

According to report, Judgment is expected on Thursday in the case against a couple accused of beating a three-year-old and burning him with boiling water‚ ultimately leading to the boy’s death.

The mother of the boy and her boyfriend‚ who is not the child’s father‚ stand accused of murder‚ child abuse and neglect. The state alleges that the pair assaulted the three-year-old with a blunt object and then burnt him with hot water.

“The deceased‚ during the early hours of June 25‚ was found in his bed having already passed away. The deceased died of blunt force injuries of the head and chest with 60% body surface area partial to full thickness burns‚” the indictment reads.

On Wednesday‚ the state and defence closed their cases at the South Gauteng High Court.

Women and Men Against Child Abuse’s founding director Miranda Jordan said the organisation was expecting a “strong” judgment from the court on Thursday.

“We are expecting a strong judgment so that it sends out a clear message that children are to be protected‚ cared for‚ nurtured and loved.



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