“My destiny, is to make your destiny come to pass.”


He said to her.

“My destiny, is to make your destiny come to pass.”

That was in the days of their courtship.

And after a marriage and three kids.

On the night he walked away from their home to the arms of another.

She held on to him tightly and cried.

“Please I beg you with God, don’t leave me.”

He responded coldly.

“I can’t stay where there is no love.”

She held on.

“But I love you.”

“There is no love left in me, and I do not want to stay in a marriage out of pity.”

“We have children to bring up. We can make it work.”

“It is too late. I will pay for their upkeep, but as for us, there is someone else I love.”

And she wailed loudly as she spoke.

“I did everything for you. Left my job to take care of the children, I moved everywhere you were posted to, cut off my friends and some of my family because you said you didn’t like them. I did everything you wanted. Please don’t go. I can’t live without you.”

“You will survive. Please let me go, she is waiting for me in the car.”

She held on tighter.

“I thought you said your destiny was to make my destiny come to pass?”

His words were even colder.

When he responded.

“This is your destiny.”


Jude Idada


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