Nene: power-drunk Zuma and Gupta meetings

Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene says he refused to sign nuclear deal, after 2-3  minutes in a closed-door meeting former president Jacob Zuma fired him.

The prosposed nuclear deal was pushed on by the Russian president Vladimir Putin, supported by Zuma, in a bid to help his friends get the contract. The Guptas were allegedly pushing for the success of the nuclear deal programme.

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Nene confessions has apparently brought close secrets to the fore.

Many South Africa never knew how Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene braved former president Jacob Zuma and his cabinet colleagues, protecting the country from certain financial ruin.

According to  Timeslive Nene has kept silent for almost three years about the pressure and hostility against him in the build-up to his dismissal in December 2015.

He finally had his say, giving exhaustive testimony at the Zondo commission on Wednesday about the onslaught against him and the national Treasury.

According to Nene during his submission at the ongoing #Statecapture inquiry, after a brief meeting with Zuma that lasted 2-3 minutes he  was axed.

The Finance Minister  explained what  transpired when former president Jacob Zuma pushed for a nuclear deal with Russia, and events leading up to his eventual axing from Cabinet.

ANC finding its way into the commission again. Zondo quizzing Nene over claims that Zuma told him, his deployment from cabinet was discussed with the top 6. Zondo also wants to know if there are minutes of that top 6 meeting.

Nene mentions the fact that he was also invited to the infamous Gupta wedding at Sun City, but he declined the invitation.

Zondo asks Nene if he knows whether or not the ANC Top 6 keep minutes of their meetings – Nene says he does not aspire to know.

But the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema has strongly contracdicted Nene’s account, alleging that the minister was lying in his testimony.

The EFF further threatened legal action.



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