New law now entitles more leave days for South African parents

Parents will now have more leave days to themselves.

From Wednesday, parents will be entitled to take 10 days of parental leave once a calendar year.

This after amendments to the Unemployment Insurance and the Basic Conditions Employment acts were promulgated, becoming law.

For years, South African fathers of newborn children and mothers of children born through surrogacy have pleaded for the signing of the law and it has now been done.

Trade union federation Cosatu has welcomed the enactment of the law, saying workers hard-fought struggles have led to this achievement.

The organisation further encouraged all eligible parents to exercise this progressive right.

The only reason the law will not apply to new mothers is that they are already entitled to paid maternity leave.

South African women have the right to four months of maternity leave, with remuneration provisions covered by the UIF.


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