“no blue lights premier” buys ambulances instead of cars for MECs

In his inaugural address last week, Saul stated that “cars for MECs will be purchased on basis of absolute necessity and by the approval of the Premier. All unused monies budgeted for new cars for MECs must be directed to the Department of Health to augment the budget to purchase ambulances”.

New Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul has made good on his promise to cut spending on cars for his provincial executive, instead choosing to direct that money towards buying new ambulances for the province.

The premier took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that “2day 27 new ambulances released (sic). This is a first batch of the 63 ambulances. We r still resolute no new cars 4 Premier and MECs, let’s buy more ambulances (sic)…”

Dr. Zamani Saul@zsaul1

Saul has been lauded by a cross-section of South Africans for his pledge to ensure that his administration is characterised by servant leadership that places the welfare of ordinary citizens above that of elected leaders.
The self-described servant leader, continued that, “we can’t, as elected leaders continue to indulge in luxury sedans and SUVs whilst our sickly people are struggling to access ambulances”.

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