Off duty policeman shot, Kwamashu Mall

An off duty policeman was shot on 28 April 2019, in Kwamashu, after a minor accident in the Kwamashu Mall Parking lot.

KZN VIP medics were dispatched to the mall after receiving reports of a shooting, upon arrival of medics a Male had sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. The off duty policeman had been stabilised on scene before being transported to hospital.

It is believed that a white golf 7 had knocked into the off duty policeman’s vehicle, when the officer started to question the driver about how the damages where going to be sorted out, more people were then called and attempted to assault and then disarm the officer.

Another Suspect then approached the officer and shot him in the leg.

Saps have made some arrests in this case and the off duty officer is in a stable


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