Open The Colonial Gates For The Chinese To Enter!


Open The Colonial Gates For The Chinese To Enter!

Wow! South Africa Is Being Colonized Again?

Yet again, like in the Colonial era; Black Leaders are still more than ready to sell their own just so that they may expand their abominable bellies. And unthinking Blacks are always more than ready to follow whoever brandishes the whitest fat to rub on their empty bellies, pacifying their perpetual poverty.

Even if it means that they will be hungry forever as they have since 1994!

[These are the same Black leaders who sold their own to become slaves in America, then Black Americans still blame the White man for slavery, but excuses the Black man who sold him to the highest bidder for bead bracelets.

The same way they are eager to blame the government for putting them in jail for selling drugs, but are never ready to blame the Black man who destroys their communities with drug addiction, gang-violence, broken homes and murder.]

Alas! Let us just hope that the Chinese (our new colonizers) will not be as evil, oppressive, unforgivably corrupt, murderous, rapist and radically treacherous as our own Black leaders (ANC,EFF) have proven themselves to be.


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