Outrage, as British MP Justifies BOER war Concentration Camps on BBC

Outrage greeted the perceived uncharitable statement credited to British MP, justifying the Boer war concentration camp.

In its reaction, Front National will send a letter of strong objection to the leader of the governing Conservative Party in the United Kingdom this week, after statements made by the Conservative Party MP for Northeast Somerset, mr Jacob Rees-Mogg, on BBC Question Time last Thursday night.

MP Rees-Mogg tried to justify the British concentration camps of the Anglo Boer War by saying that women and children were taken there “for their own protection!”

It is well known to historians and descendants of the Boer nation alike that the more than 20 000 Boer women and children who died in those camps, did so as a result of exposure to the elements in tents and open railroad carriages, diseases such as cholera and measles and starvation. They could have well provided for themselves on their own farms if the official British policy of scorched earth under the directives of Lord Kitchener was not implemented. Farms were burned and looted, livestock killed and crops destroyed. Horror stories of rape and robbery and murder were recorded and is available to researchers to this day.

The only “protection” these civilian women and children needed, was against the British who became their prosecutors and torturers, certainly not their protectors!

Comparing the death rate of the women in the camps to that of the people in Glasgow during the same time period is not only insensitive and disgusting, but it is also an indictment against Britain itself! It is well worth reminding that the very same Conservative party in which mr Rees-Mogg now serves, was also the government during that war!

Front National is of the opinion that this is now the opportunity for the government of the United Kingdom to stand up, after 120 years, and openly admit and apologise for the human rights disaster, the murder, rape, looting and robbery and the oppression of people, both black and white, perpetrated under their direction in this country in between 1899 and 1902.

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It is certainly inappropriate for a man such as MP Rees-Mogg to try and justify what every civilized person and country in this world can only describe as an outrage against decency and humanity.


One thought on “Outrage, as British MP Justifies BOER war Concentration Camps on BBC”

  1. British governments have historically wreaked havoc and destruction in particularly Southern Africa.Behind their haughty facade of superiority there is and has been, pure evil hidden in some of Britain’s leaders, past and present. Rees-Mogg is a clueless, uncaring blundering imbecile who has just managed to open up old wounds and bitter memories,and I bet he won’t admit his blunder when he is corrected.

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