Paedophiles hung on a crane and shot for gang-raping 10-year-old


Three paedophiles were publicly shot then hanged from a crane in Yemen  as punishment for raping and killing a ten-year-old boy.

Disturbing pictures show the rapists in blue overalls paraded in front of crowds in the centre of Sana’a, the country’s largest city.

They were handcuffed, ordered to lie face down and shot five times in the heart.

Their corpses were then winched high into the air by a crane where they were left hanging as a grim warning to other potential offenders while onlookers took pictures on mobile phones.

Intentionally  displayed in front of crowds, serving as a firm warning to anyone who dared commit such brazen crimes.

Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia, is one of the world’s top executors with capital punishment for violent crimes including murder, rape, and terrorism.

The death penalty can also theoretically be used in cases of Islamic or ‘Hudud’ offences under Sharia law such as adultery, sexual misconduct, sodomy, prostitution, blasphemy and apostasy.

All sentences are carried out by shooting although stoning, hanging, and beheading are also permitted within the Yemeni penal code.

Around 50 countries in the world still have the death penalty.

Saudi Arabia had also executed and crucified a man who stabbed a woman to death.

The man from Myanmar was beheaded and his body put on display on a cross in Mecca.

Yemen has one of the highest execution rates per capita in the world.

Capital punishment is typically carried out by shooting, and occasionally in public. In addition to being the only individual in the country with the authority to grant clemency, the President of Yemen must ratify all executions passed down by any court before they are carried out.

Yemen prohibits certain criminal offences and applies the death penalty to such crimes listed above.

Yemen is also one of the four countries left in the world that allows capital punishment for minors.

In 2013, Mohammed Haza’a was put to death by the Yemeni government after he shot an intruder at his home in the central Yemeni city of Tiza in 1999.

The man later died from his injuries.

Despite judges ruling the killing as self-defense and that Mohammed was under eighteen at the time, the Yemen court eventually sentenced him to death.

George Abu Al-Zulof, a child protection specialist at UNICEF, described how Yemeni firing squads carry out death penalty procedures.

He said: “They put them on the ground, they cover them with the blanket and then a doctor comes and points around the heart from the back side. Then they shoot three to four bullets [into] the heart.”

Around 53 countries in the world still practise the death penalty – including Saudi Arabia.

In 2010, a Yemeni man was crucified after he raped and killed a girl, and then shot her father.

“The death penalty has no place in the 21st century.”

More and more Member States from all regions acknowledge that the death penalty undermines human dignity, and that its abolition, or at least a moratorium on its use, contributes to the enhancement and progressive development of human rights.

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More than 160 Members States of the United Nations with a variety of legal systems, traditions, cultures and religious backgrounds, have either abolished the death penalty or do not practice it. Yet, prisoners in a number of countries continue to face execution.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, with its mandate to promote and protect all human rights, advocates for the universal abolition of the death penalty. The UN Human Rights Office argues this position for other reasons as well, including the fundamental nature of the right to life; the unacceptable risk of executing innocent people; and the absence of proof that the death penalty serves as a deterrent to crime.

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In line with General Assembly resolutions calling for a phasing out of capital punishment , the UN Human Rights Office supports Member States, civil society and other stakeholders campaigning for a  moratorium on the death penalty and ultimately  its abolition  worldwide.

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71 thoughts on “Paedophiles hung on a crane and shot for gang-raping 10-year-old”

  1. Great! This needs to be done here in America. How could anyone harm an innocent child

  2. I love it! I wish the US would do something like that! Instead of putting them in prison and letting them out.

    • Alot of them are put in prisons that house only house trash like them so they stay safe my husbin caught a guy scoping out him and his ex wifes place watching his oldest two kids he snuck up on him was about beat him and suddenly the cops pulled up he explained what happened that the dude has bine to prison for being a mo and has 2 oopen cases why he was about to hurt the pos cop looked him in the eye that he could arrest him on a h8 crime

  3. That was to quick a death skin those bastards alive then hang them to die and on a sunny day

  4. I do not always agree with the Muslim law / way of thinking. But what they did to these rapists and murderes are awesome.

    Namibia and South Africa should bring back the Death Penalty for murderes and rapists. That will be the only way to curb this in society.

  5. America should have the same .

  6. They should have shot them once in the wrists then hung them to bleed to death.

    • I totally think that just shooting them and to hang them they obviously didn’t feel any thing opposed to that little boy the pain & torture that he endured. I agree with several of you they should of wound them and let them feel pain as they inflict on the boy.

  7. They should do that to Muslims who marry or rape a girl under 18

    • Should do the same thing in the US too. Child marriages should be prohibited by law. But its not. In some places 13 yr olds can be married and yes thats in the US. Look up child bride USA.

      Also look up age of consent a couple of southern states have bills introd to make the legal age of consent be 11 yrs old.

    • How about here in the states where men rape 11 year old girls who are forced to carry the baby? How about states where marriage to minors is quite legal if you are a Christian? This happens all over this country but people like you ignore it while bitching about other countries and religions.

    • No. They should do this to ANYONE who rapes

  8. Anyone that rapes especially children should be exterminated. I think this should happen in the whole world

  9. Where is the blood? They should be covered in blood if they had been shot first. They spelled “pedophile” wrong. This is Fake News. I call BS.

    • The only place whwre “pedophile” is spelled this way is in the US. Paedophile is the UK spelling.

    • Actually that is spelled correctly, it is an alternate spelling in parts of the world. Simple google search would tell you that.

      And if you do a quick Google search of Peadophiles Yemen, you can find plenty of pictures, some not blurred of this and of other executions for this.

    • Different countries spell it differently. These words use the combining form paedo- or pedo-, which forms nouns relating to children. … Paedo- comes from the Greek pais, paid-, meaning ‘child or boy’. Because of the classical root, British English maintains the –ae– whilst it is simplified to just -e- in the US.

    • many words are spelled differently outside the USA. Don’t think we set all the rules.

    • You’re not very bright, are you, HC? “Paedophile” is a valid and correct spelling used in many countries other than the U.S., including the U.K. and countries that were formerly colonized by the U.K. If you think this is “fake news” perhaps you should do some research first, before spouting your clearly ignorant opinions.

    • I believe it. Why do you doubt it, I am sure they can come up with better fake news

    • No..they spelled it correctly. “paedophile” is the alternate, non-American way to spell it there genius. Think grey and gray…

    • that’s how it’s spelled in Britain, etc.

    • European countries spell it with an “a” in it. But I agree with the blood part, where is it?

    • Google it. I guess paedophile is the noun version of pedophile. Its even in autocorrect texting.

  10. much easier way…. strap them to a chair…. lock them in a law proof room with the parent or parents for one hour . after the hour… set them free of all charges . for that one hour… the child may designate a responcible adult , and /or the parent(s) shall not be held to any law , no crime or system of order shall apply to them ….. and them every one can go there own way as if all is forgiven . what ever happens in the law room is no ones business … no crime , or contract shall be respected …

    frankly speaking… i think every thing will work it self out . and i suspect every one we actualy care about will be agreeable to the out come

  11. Justice! And, it works!

  12. Yall clearly didnt read the part where they said the same punishments can be used in cases of “adultery, sexual misconduct, sodomy, prostitution, blasphemy and apostasy.”

  13. They should do that in the USA. They are to many assholes

  14. This NEEDS to be done here. People need to see the horror from the consequences of others that do such things to children.

  15. KUDOS! I believe we have given people of ALL wrong doings to many options. The biggest would becgoing through the legal system to be found innocent. On the other hand, being found guilty and doing time. This imprisonment gives them many comforts. They eventually get released and in most cases commit crimes again and again. USA DOESN’T INSTILL THE FEAR OF GOD IN WRONG DOING OR CRIMES.

  16. it’s sad that they pay $ to keep these kinda mo’fo’z alive when all the trauma & hurt caused to their victims… they get a little slap on the hand & barely get any time to serve… this cuntry’s judicial system is a joke when it comes to this kinda stuff…

  17. They should take a torch to pedophiles generals, hang him up for the world to see till he finally dies in every place on earth. Men and women!

  18. This is what we desperately need across the entire world!!! American law has become far far far to lenient for excuses of pedophiles. They should be castrated and left to hang to bleed to death and let crows chomp at their genitals area until they die a slow painful death! Bring back proper sentencing for criminals of this magnitude!

  19. I had the same question, where is the blood?

  20. They should do that to father’s that do that with their Daughter’s.

  21. Justice is served

  22. Sex crimes . Especially with children definitely need much heavier penalties. If they rape a child they should be executed.immediately upon being proven guilty.not by vigilantes , but by trial of long periods for retrials. No plea bargains.

  23. That’s the way to do it. Every child has the right to live safely. They should be able to play out without the fear of sick people like these human beings. They deserved the punishment for the crime they committed. Someone making a comment about doing the same to Muslims who marry girls under the age of 18,what about the rest of the guys that have sex with girls under the age of 16 with their consent???? Youngster’s are in relationships long time before they turn 18. A big difference between rape and marrying under 18s.

  24. HC, you are an idiot. Paedophile is one of two correct spellings. Your ignorance is not proof of fake news.

  25. That’s what I’m talking about! 👍

  26. America won’t do this cause most sex offenders and pedophiles are white men, and we all know white men been on this rape BS for more than 500 years in America! It’s part of their culture

  27. That is very awesome! Maybe I could have chosen a better word than awesome. I have very little tolerance for sexual offenders are child abusers. They were killed too quickly. They should have been made example of. Put out in the streets and killed and suffered hours before they died to show an example as to what will happen to the next person who tries this mess! America is so spoiled here. They need to be more firm and harsh with crimes like these periods

  28. They spelled Countries wrong near the end of the article. Lol
    But I’m glad they do rapist like this!! They deserve more than this but all that will happen while they are burning in Hell!

  29. Oddly it just looks like they were just hung to me , as there is no blood . I imagine if they in fact shot were 5 times in the heart surly it would have went through or be blood

  30. Glad they could hire Hillary Clinton; she would have gotten them off and blamed the child.

  31. This was over a year ago. Way to stay on the bleeding edge of world news.

  32. Misleading headline. They were shot to death, then their corpses were hanged (not hung; clothes are hung, people are hanged). Other than that, stellar journalism. 🙄

  33. noun
    plural noun: paedophiles

  34. No..they spelled it correctly. “paedophile” is the alternate, non-American way to spell it there genius. Think grey and gray…

  35. Of course happening in a third world shit hole like Yemen, forensic science and fair trials would have been to the highest standard and DNA testing on both victim and accused would have been carried out and the resulting trial would have been conducted under the discerning eye of a senior non-biased judge. The fact that the judge was from a religious sect that has been at war with the sect of the accused men for over 50 years has no bearing on the result. So let’s continue to applaud the actions and call them filth scum and bastard knowing that justice was most certainly carried out in such a noble state and in no way did The Police simply round up the first three men with different religious views that they saw.

  36. If it was a 10 year old girl, nothing would have been done to the rapists. The girls father would have beaten her to death. When they grant equal rights to women, especially in cases like this, then I will applaud them.

  37. Lest we forget John 8:6-9;
    They were using this question as a trap in order to have a basis for accusing him. But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him he straightened up and said to them, let any one of you who is without sin be the 1st to throw a stone at her. Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground. At this those who heard began to go away 1 at a time, the older ones 1st, until only Jesus was left with the woman standing there.

  38. Makes sense to me. This way the bastards only get to do it once. And hanging them is great advertising.

  39. What’s so “disturbing” about this image? I see nothing disturbing. What IS disturbing is the image of agony on that young boys face as he was raped to death.

  40. If this was America they would feel entitled to anything even in situations like this!! They probably would say the person didn’t mean to do or they are sick or whatsoever bullshit..

  41. They are letting rapist go that have raped babies in our country, USA. This makes me so made. This makes me so mad. Some judges seem to think that the adult male that has raped momen or children need to be set free so they can go on with their lives if the jusge thinks they are more important then others that rape children or babies or women. This is so wrong.

  42. I wish they could do this in the US then overcrowding would not be a problem in our prisons. Harsher punishments for these type of crimes.

  43. I wish the USA did these things, then maybe rape and child molesters would think twice! I’m one to believe an eye for an eye!

  44. Well I don’t believe it should be done here, because the criminal justice system has failed, many of individuals have spent years in jail for crimes they were wrongfully convicted of.
    Unless there is undisputable evidence

  45. Interesting culture. One day they’re burrying rape victims to the waste and stoning them to death, “women” can be married (whether they want to be or not) at age 12, and the next they’re, they’re killing people for gang raping a 10 year old boy… Apparently they should’ve chosen as a victim a 12 year old girl…

  46. All of those types of scum deserve that!! Seeing most of the comments I agree but the Fake News and anti Trump morons would never let something like this happen when they bash everything he does!! “We” the majority that voted for him didn’t do so because of the things we knew he would do wrong which is some of his comments but “We” needed a smart business man who wasn’t a life long politician!! We obviously knew what we were voting for when you look now at our near record economy! 30,000 Americans died from illegal drugs coming through our open border from Mexico and folks are saying punish chid molesters like this but yet are in favor of abortions up to the time of birth!!! Too much FAKE NEWS and brain washing going on lately!! We should punish those who don’t want to protect America and support murdering babies and are ok with any type of person entering America without any checking!! A convicted felon in America cannot get a passport to leave this country but NO cares about what’s entertaining America!! Real Talk

  47. Crikey , look like The Trailer parks are Middle America have opened their gates and the trash has come pouring out judging by the ignorant comments on here.

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