Passionate plea for help as military brutalises civilians in Zim


As the continuing chaos, mayhem and unending brutality persist in Zimbabwe, a passionate plea for intervention has been forwarded.

One of cry for is from:

Nottingham, UK

I am an activist from Zimbabwe, I write to you as a human being observing a crisis unfolding.

I am deeply appalled, shocked and hurt with the worsening situation in Zimbabwe.

The people have been protesting against inflation and unbearable hardships they have been encountering quietly.

They are fed up of being governed by this failing Zanu government.

The president himself is on a business tour at this vital moment. Vice President Chiwenga is in charge. He is previously the Army Commander

Everyone in the diaspora is convinced he has ordered the internet shutdown, there has been no social media all day.

This is because reports have been pouring in from Monday night that the army, police and masked men have been kidnapping, harassing, torturing civilians and intimidating them not to protest.

Pictures of dead bodies have been circulating.

As I speak, people in diaspora are afraid and panicking for their loved ones.

Please bring attention to Zimbabweans crying and begging for help, we need International intervention.


Linda Dodzo

Nottingham, UK


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