Pastor attacked and beaten to stupor by his church members

The congregation carried out what appeared to be jungle justice against their pastor after alleged misconduct and immorality.

In recent times more and more pastors have been exposed indulging in fraudulent acts as well as scamming unsuspecting members all in the name of miracles.

They impoverish their members by extorting money from them, while they live in sheer luxury, owning private jets and plush houses.

According to  reports, the accused  pastor was severely dealt with by his own church members after he was allegedly caught having sex with a married woman.

It was reported that the pastor was nabbed in a hotel with the married woman in Likasi area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He was said to have been beaten mercilessly by his own church members.

Thereafter they had to take a photo of him to post on line so it goes viral .More Details of What Really Happened will be coming your way soon as we investigate what went down.


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