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Pastor imports foreigners into SA, pays them R3500 to act as cripples and HIV/positive patients for Lukau, TV

The rot knows no bound, the latest religious shenanigans exposes the hypocrisy and criminality by modern-day fraudsters who parade themselves as pastors.

Very damning and disturbing evidence has surfaced that Pastor Alph Lukau’s Alleluia International Ministries will pay you to R3,500 pretend you are crippled  during one of his church services.

According to a stunning report by TimesLive:

“Grace” from Nellmapius, Pretoria, claimed on Tuesday evening in an interview with SABC’s Cutting Edge. The latest episode investigated the recent “resurrection” of Brighton “Elliot” Moyo on February 24 which pushed Lukau into the headlines. Moyo has also lived in Nellmapius for the past two years.

“Grace” said: “They said you recruit someone, you get paid R150. If maybe you act as a cripple and then you get R3,500. They don’t want the South Africans, because the South Africans they can trace very easily, but the Zimbabweans, they are unsearchable.”

“Nelly” from Nellmapius said: “They said if you are not scared of a rat or snake, the pastor will shuffle it in your clothes and when he preaches he’d describe the colour of your outfit, he would then lay his hands on you during prayer, the rat or snake would come out and people would start giving money.

“Paul”, Moyo’s friend and compatriot, said he last saw Moyo on the February 21, the day before he supposedly died.

“He never died, he was also never sick, he left on Thursday. They only act to get paid and make ends meet.”

Moyo’s boss, Vincent Amoretti, said some of his colleagues said Moyo has done “a wheelchair stint and a couple of other stints with the same church”.

Former congregant Samantha Revesai started working for the church to make ends meet when she was unemployed. She claimed she was paid R1,500 a month to stick to her story that she was HIV-positive for three years before she was “cured” by the church.

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“I was not [HIV] positive. I’ve never been. They wanted me to act as if I was positive and then the pastor prayed for me.”

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